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UK Passport Renewal

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Passport  Renewal Form
You can get a passport form using one of the 4 methods below;

Firstly the good old fashioned way; collect it from a Post Office branch near you.

Next you can complete the application form online. The Passport Office will print out the completed form and send it to you to sign and return with the supporting documentation.

The third way of getting a passort renewal form, is by requesting an application form online and the Passport Office will send it to you in the post.

The final method is to call the Passport Adviceline on 0300 222 0000 and ask the Passport Office to send it to you in the post.
Five tips on completing your passport form

Always use a black ballpoint pen and capital letters

Black out mistakes with a pen – don’t cross them out or use correction fluid

Write within the white boxes and keep all signatures within the border

Always bring in original documents and not photocopies

Make sure you have two colour photographs and that they meet all the requirements shown in the guide that comes with your application form

Always bear in mind that mistakes on your passport form will add to your waiting time for obtaining your new passport.